Our Story

After moving to Seattle from Buffalo NY and after 18 years in the Telecom industry selling products to T-Mobile, I've finally decided to do what I'm passionate about. Charlie (my coonhound) and I have been downtown Bothell resident's for about 10 years now and after looking at commercial properties around Main Street for about 5, we have finally found our home on 101st Ave NE. You might have seen Charlie chasing squirrels around the Bothell cemetery on nice days, but what most of my neighbors might not know is that I have a crazy passion about beer. Not only do I have a 3 tap kegerator in my man cave with a Nitro tap that buddies enjoy, I pride myself on pouring each beer the way that it's meant to be served- from the amount of pressure used for each keg to the glass that the beer is meant to be served in. Each keg that we have at the shop- all 14 of them- have their own regulator and individual pressure gage- the way that it should be.

Anyways, Charlie was born in Georgia, the runt of 13, and I found him under the staircase of the breeders house flea ridden and scared. He's now living the life in Seattle, enjoying Latte foam, his own dog blankets, and loves licking some homegrown hops from Yakima off of my IPA glass. We LOVE Bothell, and we LOVE beer!! I opened my own craft beer shop knowing that I would only bring freshest beer to Bothell, pouring craft beer from breweries located in Ballard to New York, so that the good people of Bothell can enjoy it on a daily basis. 

Charlie Beach